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I always wanted to try to have my own fabric printed. But never really had any good design ideas or a clue on how to come up with a printable design. Then, just recently, I received these two amazing paintings from my late Grandfather.

He was pretty talented in my opinion. These pictures were made in the early 50's, when my Mom was little. Growing up they still hung in my Grandparents' house and my sisters and I used to love looking at them, copying them and just admiring them. When my Grandfather passed away a couple of months ago I asked my Grandma if I could have them. They are now hanging in Anika and Kordula's room.
And I also thought, these would be the perfect images for my first try at fabric. Initially, I was planning to scan them. But, I was afraid the paper would rip trying to take the pictures out of the frame. So, I took pictures of them with my camera. So, here they are; my first Spoonflower fabrics:

I like them, but I am not 100% happy with them. Some of it is my fault, some of it is not (I think):

First of all, it only took 9 days from placing my order at Spoonflower to receiving the package in the mail! Lightning quick. Great customer service.
Second, two of the prints turned out exactly the way they looked on my computer screen; colors, saturation and all. I am very satisfied with those. Unfortunately, the little hedgehog print did not. There is much more green in the fabric than I saw on my screen. Also, after seeing the fabric I felt that the size of the hedgehogs was actually a little to big. So, I already made them smaller for my next order. (Yes, I will order it again!)
But, the one thing that I really did not expect and that I am not happy with is the weight of the cotton fabric: it is really, really thin. I was expecting a bit better quality.

Well, I will be using these fabrics for some special Christmas gifts for my Sisters, Mom and Grandma. I am going to make quilted pillows for everybody: a piece of memory of my late Grandpa. Hope, they will like it.

This is my first Pillow-top-prototype (Sorry for the bad pic quality. It was dark and I only had my camera phone availablel). The only neutral color for sashing I had at home last night was white. But, I think I will try to find another color that coordinates better with the images' background color for the other pillows.

Also, if you like these prints you can order them directly through the Spoonflower website.

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Lauranie said...

I LOVE it!! Your grandfather was really TALENTED!! I am sorry the fabric was not quite what you expected!! But I think the pillow will be an AWESOME gift. Like giving a little piece of grandfather....so sweet!!


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