A couple of notebooks done

Hope everybody had a nice long and relaxing weekend. Did any of you actually go out on Friday with all the masses to get a good deal???? I didn't. And I am glad I stayed home.
I got quite a few chances to work down my handmade Christmaslist. Here are a few thick quilted notebook covers I made:
One for the Boy.

I used selvadges and hockey and soccer fabrics. It's hard to see in the pic, but there is also a pencil pocket on the front. Also, the two images you see on the front and back are actually soccer-player-card-packages fused to eight layers of plastic shopping bags and then sewn onto the fabric. When I experimented with the fused plastic I had great ideas of zip pouches, coasters, etc. But, those ideas were put to rest rather quickly once I realized what a "stinky" process it is to fuse plastic.

One for his friend Yui.

She is this cute Japanese girl, two years younger than Yanic and madly "in love" with him. Her family actually will go back to Japan this spring for good, so I hope she will remember Yanic when she uses this notebook.

And one for a special friend of mine, who loves sewing just as much as I do. I hope she will love it when it arrives on her doorstep in a week or so.

So, now I am off to plan my SMS giveaway post for Wednesday. Make sure to check SMS on December 2nd for a humongous list of blogs that are hosting giveaways. It will be awesome. Until then.

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Lauranie said...

How sweet, I think Yui will cherish the notebook and think of her time in America everytime she uses it...and the boy she left behind!! aahhh young love!! Fused plastic?? Did I miss this post, what do you use it for? I've got to catch up!! :D All three are very nice...what a lucky friend...anything from you is always so special!!


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