You know, I used to be obsessed with modern. Modern as in clean lines, stainless steel, European Design.

However, lately, I find myself more and more attracted to flowers, frilly stuff, old time country design, shabby chic, etc. Maybe, it has to do with having girls now, or with the fact that all that modern stuff is not really affordable for us anymore.

Anyway, I have been thrifting a lot lately and am finding myself now with quite the collection of vintage fabrics and linens.
Don't these colors just scream summer?!
I see a lot of patchwork and summer dresses for the girls (for next year, of course....) in the near future. And wouldn't it be fun to make an entire quilt out of vintage linens?!

Or look at this one: Definetly a pair of late summer/early fall jammies for the girls. Just like these ones, but with long sleeves and long pants.

But, this has to wait. First I will work on a couple of projects for Yanic: Travel pillow for his upcoming Hockey Tournement in Canada (! Yeah !) and a back to school lunch box/bag.

I have another fabulous project that is almost finished. I will share that after the weekend. Until then, enjoy the sun!

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