Quick and Easy button bracelet

Before I share a quick little tutorial with you I want to show you my latest 50 Cent/yard purchase. Aren't these cute?! And at 50 Cents per yard, basically priceless.

I was looking for a quick little easter egg filler for my twins and came up with this button bracelet. What you need are

- 2 one inch wide pieces of grosgrain ribbon (I heattreated the ends to prevent fraying)

- 1 sew on snap

- 7 or 8 coordinating buttons (Make sure they are 5/8 of an inch or smaller. Otherwise it will be painful to sew on the second ribbon piece with your machine.)

The length of your ribbon, obviously depends on the wrist of the future wearer. To calculate take the circumference of your wrist and add 1.5 inches. For example, my girls' wrists are 5 inches around; so I cut two 6.5 inch pieces.

Pre-align your buttons in the desired sequence. Start by sewing the bottom piece of your snap and continue with your buttons (see picture). Do not attach your last button and the top of your snap yet. Now, by using your machine's zipper foot sew the two ribbon pieces together; around all four edges.

As a last step align your last button on the top side of your bracelet and the top part of the snap right underneath on the bottom side of your bracelet. Sew them onto your bracelet catching both, button and snap at the same time.

Voila, you are done. Enjoy!


urban craft said...

cute, easy and simple, what could be more perfect!

nerida said...

oh wow - great tute! I want one too! So simple! So gorgeous!


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