Working down the list and adding to it

I just found this great tutorial and HAVE to add it to my Honey-Do-List. And I already know what kind of fabric I will use! One of the lovely Matryoshka or Fairy Tale fabrics. Aren't they cute?!

I can't wait to get down my list far enough, in order to start making these dresses for the girls.

By the way, the stocking stuffer for John is done. Here is a non-disclosing picture. All I can say it's black and green and has a button. Oh, and the sewing lines are straight, although it doesn't look like it in the pic...

Also, I started AND (!) finished Yanic's new Hockey/U of M bedding yesterday. I am so excited, because I know he will be super excited when he sees it on Christmas Eve. I will post some pics soon.
I am also done with my cowl. It looks different from the inspirational piece, but I still like it. And I decided to make matching mittens. So, once I am done with everything I will post some pictures.

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