Victory Honda - Unfortunately not so victorious

I went down to Ohio with Anika and Kordula this morning to meet Yanic and John at the Hockey Tournement. The drive was easier and quicker then I expected. I was there in less then 90 minutes. Yanic and his buddies had already finished breakfast and were running up and down the stairs at the hotel (6 stories, 4 times...). Shortly after we went and watched them play against Sylvania. The boys were skating their hearts out. Unfortunately, some of their players were intimidated by the 1-2 heads taller players in the other team and therefore not as agressive as they needed to be. (Not so Yanic...) The game ended with a score of 3:7.
There will be one more game tonight. But, there are no chances for the Championship Game.

Heute Morgen bin ich mit Anika und Kordula nach Ohio gefahren, um Yanic und John beim Hockey Tournement zu treffen. Die Fahrt war relativ kurz. Ich war schon nach 90 Minuten da. Als ich ankam waren Yanic und seine Freunde gerade fertig die Hoteltreppen hoch und runter zu rennen (6 Stockwerke, 4 mal...). Kurz danach sind wir los, um sie gegen Sylvania spielen zu sehen. Alle sind wie die geoelten Blitze gelaufen. Leider waren einige der Jungs etwas eingeschuechtert bei den bis zu zwei Koepfe groesseren Gegenspielern, und waren daher nicht so agressiv, wie sie haetten sein muessen. Yanic allerdings nicht... Das Spiel endete mit 3:7. Heute Abend ist noch ein letztes Spiel. Aber leider ohne Aussichten auf das Championshipspiel morgen.

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Team Rogers said...

I am so glad to hear that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We enjoyed our day too. I have been fighting a cold for the last week and finally am taking it easy today. As for my blogging, Matt & I typed it all up last Sunday evening and I worked on the pictures for a couple of days. It wasn't so bad. I hope I don't get so far beind again. Hope all goes well for you and your adorable family during the holidays.


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