Crafting for fall

Where has the time gone???!!! Can't believe it's October already.
We have been very busy with school and sports activities. That left little time for sewing. However, while the boys were away this weekend, I squeezed in some crafting time with the girls.

My interchangeable wreath got a new look and our kitchen window some cute decoration.

The girls helped me with the felt leafs for the garland. They had fun sewing the leaves onto pieces of green felt and then cutting all the way around. Towards the end they were also cutting their own leaf shapes as well.

The center of our garland is a wood shape. Late in the summer I had bought oodles of different unfinished shapes and spray painted them with chalk board paint.

Then I used acrylic paint and outlined each of the shapes. They make great gift tags or name tags, too. My girls have one hanging on their lunch boxes, and I write down little messages each day.

Now, I am working on the kid's Halloween costumes. The girls' are almost done. However, Yanic wants to be a Wolverine! Wolverine, as in the ANIMAL! How am I going to pull this one off? Any ideas?

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