First Day of School and Picture Display

So, Tuesday was the first day of school. Where has the summer gone??? Seriously!
To celebrate the first day of school, our kids get a "Schultuete" filled with supplies, gifts and candy every year. For the girls it was actually their first, since they are now Kindergartners.

The skirts also got finished in time. They look really cute I think. I have also washed them since that picture and was surprised, that the pleats held up during washing and drying. I only had to iron the ribbon trim on the bottom a bit.

Now on to a little project. To preserve our summer memories I made a new picture display for the girls' room.

To re-recreate this picture frame, you will need a wooden frame, spray paint, thumb tacks, any kind of ribbon or string to wrap around the frame a few times, spring loaded clothes pins and embelishments to glue onto the frame.

I did not take pictures of the process, because it was so easy, that anybody can do it.
1. Spray paint your wooden frame any color you like as well as the clothes pins.
2. Wrap ribbon/string around your frame and secure with thumb tacks on the back side. I used 1 inch wide fabric strips, folded in half length wise and sewn down the middle.
3. Embellish the frame with flowers or other things. I made felt/fabric flowers which I glued onto the frame with E6000 glue.
4. Print some pictures and use the clothes pins to hang them from your frame. I used mini and regular sized wooden ones which I also spray painted beforehand.

Such a display also makes a nice gift for friends, parents, grandparents. Or you can hang it to hold notes, shopping lists, etc. I made a smaller version for the Nanny we had this summer as a going-away gift:

Have a great week. I will be back soon with a small chalk board project.

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