The Butterfly and her Flower

Can't believe it's Halloween already.
The kids' costumes are home made again this year. Of course! ;-)
All are done. Even Yanic's. We compromised a bit on the look, but it's still what he wanted to be: a Wolverine. I have not taken pictures of him in his costume yet. So, you will have to wait for those until after Halloween.

But, here are the girls: They wanted to be a purple butterfly and a yellow-orange flower.

The butterfly wings are based on this tutorial. I had a hard time finding the foam that the pattern is calling for. In the end I used regular batting and inserted a wire coat hanger to stabilize the top of the wings a bit. It works.

The flower shirt is a Thrift Store find. So, are the pants. They were white and I hand dyed them. The flower skirt is made from felt with a white tutu underneath. The flower headband I have since downsized a bit. It was just too heavy and looked like a barrett.

Aside from the wings, the butterfly also has a headband with antennae. I used a cheepo plastic headband and wrapped it with brown pipecleaner. To finish off the look, she is wearing a brown shirt, striped tights and a purple tutu.

Now, let's hope it's not raining, snowing or storming tomorrow for Trick or Treating. Happy Halloween!


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