Bright Summer Dress

As of late I have been in this crazy summer-clothing-for-the-girls-sewing-mood. And it's not over. Bad part about it is that I have about three or four "one-of-two-done" projects laying around.
Obviously, I have every intention of finishing them and luckily at 13 degrees (-10 C) there will be no need for any of the clothes I am making just yet.
Like this one (one of the few that I have two to show already):

I have been stashing tons of different pinkish fabrics: new prints, thrifted pillow cases, linens, you name it. I picked a few Amy Butler and Michael Miller prints and paired them with a couple of bright flowery pillow cases. I love the result: so bright and fresh. Just like summer.

These dresses do not have a zipper or buttons in the back. They are cut wide enough to slide over the hips. So: step in, pull up, insert arms, done!

I have drawn a little pattern and written some instructions, if you like to try this kind of dress. The pattern is made to fit a child with a 22 inch chest (56 cm) or 4T dress size. The instructions are not very detailled and don't have step by step pics. But, that's all I can manage for right now. If you do have any questions just comment here or send me an email. I will get back to you.

Hope everybody has a great week!


Stephanie said...

They are adorable! And just so you know I have tons of almost finished projects lying around too!

Freda said...

This is so cute! I grabbed a copy of your pattern. My Daughter is in 12-18 month clothes right now so maybe I can shrink it down.

Carrie said...

So cute! Love the patchwork.

Lauranie said...

I really like these!! I will have to print out your instructions and stash with the other FABULOUS tutorials you have given!! The fabrics are soooo yummy!! :D


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