More Jumper Dresses

This past weekend we took the kids to get their pictures taken. Oh, and I am so happy. They turned out great this year (I think). All thanks to chocolate bribes. But, hey: you got to do, what you got to do! Right?!

Yanic wore his Hockey Jersey again, and for the girls I made another set of my jumper dresses.

I picked up a really nice soft remnant of fall suiting fabric and coordinated it with a pink polka dot fabric. Also from the remnant baskets at Joann (Lauranie: I think, if we were frequenting the same store, we'd be fighting over the remnant baskets....;-)). Can you say: 3.50$ for two dresses!!! Love it.
This time I also used the accent fabric to make bias tape and hem the bottom edge. I really like the combo of the dark suiting fabric and the light pink. Cutie patootie.


Kimara@weefolkart said...

You have every right to be pleased. Totally adorable. (Children, that is.) Jumpers are PERFECT, too! I love the addition of the bias tape at the bottom of the jumpers. Really works well against the dark colored skirt. I need a couple of those for myself!

Lauranie said...

I LOVE when children are in a good mood for pictures!! It is less stressful and they always look SO CUTE!! They did GREAT! :) Those jumpers are SO SWEET!! I am getting close to making one for my youngest girl...I am going to use Amy's jumper tute for my older girl's, because of the elastic across the back...I am so LUCKY to have such talented and generous friends!!!

Suzanne said...

Those dresses turned out so cute!
Beautiful kids!


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