Houses and Owls and such

You may have noticed on the sidebar that recently I have added a couple of new items into my shop. Besides working on dresses for my girls I have been really into making garlands lately. Garlands for every day decoration in girl's rooms, boy's rooms, hallways, play rooms, any room.

Or even your fireplace mantle. I particularly, think that the Owl Garland would look great as Halloween decoration along a mantle.

These garlands are so much fun to make, because it gives me the freedom to change up the fabrics, patterns and colors as I go along. There is no wrong way to do it.
Next, I am thinking a banner with just woodland creatures: owls (of course), squirrels and trees.

If you would like your very own garland but don't have the time to make one, head on over to Kindershop. Come to think of it, they would look really cute as decoration above a new baby's crib in the nursery. If you like a garland in different colors than shown, contact me, I can make a special one just for you.

On another note, once and a while I browse Anthropologie and find really cool designs (and prices out of this world!). Have you seen this Orimono Flower Pillow?!

I think it's totally awesome.
It inspired me to make a set of placemats, which I ended up listing at KAY-Kreative, since pink, unfortunately, is not liked by all household members here....

And, I am really liking this skirt from Anthropologie.

But, at 98$, just not affordable. I may try my luck at making one myself.

Until later! Tonight, I will get back to working on another set of the Jumper Dress for the girls. This time with a "little twist".
Happy Friday, everybody!

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Lauranie said...

Oh my!!! Everything is just sooo good!! Those garlands are so darling...and the placemats...GORGEOUS!! Girl, you are truly my inspiration!! :) I can't wait to see your take on the is a pretty cool skirt by the way!! $98???!! Is it sewn with GOLD thread?? :D


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