Tullsta Slipcover

With two Toddlers and a 7 year old Boy there is no sense in spending a lot of money on new furniture. However, I like change and a fresh new look at least once in a while: be it new paint, pillow covers, drapes or slipcovers.

This time our living room needed a change so I decided to try my luck at slipcovers for the ordinary IKEA Tullsta chairs we have. They used to be bright blue (and before that yellow and red: can you believe it....?!). But, lately it was more a sad, dreary, washed out blue.

And now, after a lot of cutting, sewing and some seam ripping and resewing, I present to you my new old chair:

The job I did is not perfect. There are still too many wrinkles in the whole thing and I think I will add some elastic on the bottom around the legs in order to make it fit tighter. But, I think it looks much better than the old blue one. It is quite expensive to make a slipcover for this chair: 4 yards of 59" home dec fabric, 3 large zippers, thread. I think I spent almost as much on the supplies as a brand new chair would cost me. I also was looking online for covers for this chair and found JCaroline Creative. They sell covers in bright modern prints and after working on this cover I find their prices very reasonable.
I still have to make a cover for the second chair we have. But, this will have to wait: Hubby discouraged me a bit. He does not like the new cover, because the fabric is too 2-dimensional. I guess you need to be a guy in order to understand that comment...


Lauranie said...

YAY!! The Powers are letting me view you today!! I have been having issues coming to your site, but I still get to "catch up" on my Reader! ANYWAY! Great Job!! I think is looks really nice, and I'm not sure what the "two-dimensional" means either, unless, he just doesn't like the color and thinks it "needs" more?! Maybe try a more colorful pillow? So that hard, huh? You don't think the next one will be easier due to experience?

Kelee Katillac said...

This looks great!!! Brava!!!

Thanks for commenting and stopping by!!!

So happy to meet you!

love, kelee


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