Thrifty Treasure

I typically do not like shopping at our local thrift stores too much. They are hopelessly overpriced: 2.50$ for a used/stained Toddler book?! C'mon...

However, today I had something to drop off at our local Salvation Army, so I decided to roam around a little. I found this cute little tin can, which was just screaming: "Please store buttons in me, please store buttons in me!" So, I "broke" down and bought it.

Coming back to the fact that I had things (!) to drop off: This past weekend John and Yanic took on the task of decluttering the Pack-Rat-Yanic's room. Can you believe that they ended up with FOUR (4) !!! big garbage bags full of junk. And, when I say junk, I mean junk: string, pieces of paper, cardboard, boxes, plastic fruit containers, half finished "inventions", rocks, twiggs - all things that you might need for a project in the distant future. And he had a very hard time parting with every piece we threw into the garbage. Poor woman, who marries him some day.
In addition he had one bag full of toys he had outgrown and that's obviously the bag I took to the SA.

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