The Hockeyplayer's Bed

Some of you may remember how excited I was about making and giving one particular gift this past Christmas: New Bedsheets for my son. He is and has been a Hockey Fan and Player basically since he could walk. Even one of his first words was "ockee". His entire room is decorated with pucks and hockey posters and paraphenalia. All that was missing was the right bedding.

I bought a couple of different cotton fabrics with hockey player and equipment prints and a University of Michigan Flannel. Out of those I made pillow covers and a comforter cover.

In our house Santa brings the gifts on Christmas Eve. While John and Yanic where at church that afternoon I changed Yanic's bed. So, he did not find the covers under the Christmas tree, but had an added surprise by the time he had to go to bed. He was majorly EXCITED!!! A job well done, Santa!

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