Look at all this deliciousness

Isn't this a yummy picture?!

A while back I had received a couple of giftcards for fabric.com. And this is the result of my splurging. I see at least a couple of new purses in there for me (love the combo of the Paris Sightseeing print for the outside and the little birds for the lining). And of course there will be many dresses and skirts for the girls.

I also want to expand the clothing section in my store, but I have yet to come up with a good pattern. Preferably, for a top/pants set or dress. We will see. But, I should probably wait for the final CPSIA version anyway.

In the meantime I will enjoy looking at this devine pile.

By the way, when the package arrived the first thing Kordula did was grab the cupcake fabric, hug it and run away with it.

NOW, who spilled the beans and told her that it is intended for her and her sister's birthday dresses.....?!

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Just me.....Shelly said...

your owl garland turned out soooooo cute!!! I wish i had free time to get on that, I just love them!! and YES...pictures of fabrics all lined up is ALWAYS yummy!


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