The 2nd Attempt... Failed!

Okay, I am close to giving up. Last night I had my second attempt at making these birds... And still, it doesn't look like it is supposed to. I thought, this was going to be the easiest project ever... Not for me. I will try one more time. And if it still does not look like it should, I will give up and will have to hide the birds in the center of our Christmas Tree.

Last night, because it was getting cold outside very quickly, we turned on the fire place. It was so cute to see Anika and Kordula get really excited about it.

Gestern Abend wurde es ziemlich schnell ganz kalt draussen. Unsere Heizung kam nicht schnell genug hinterher, da haben wir den Kamin anmachen muessen. Es war niedlich zu sehen, wie Anika und Kordula das super aufregend fanden.

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