Are you in?!

I know, I am so boring lately. Nothing’s going on around here on this blog. Also, I have not been checking any of my favorite blogs for at least four weeks. Yesterday, I realized that I completely missed out on the May Giveaway Day/Week at SMS. Shame on me.

I am still very busy working on the name tags. I am getting closer to finishing. YEAH! 850 are done!

But, let’s change the subject!

ARE YOU IN????? “In” what, you ask?! Well, the Soccer World Cup, of course. I know, being from Europe, I am probably one of five or so, that care about it here on the North American continent. Luckily, I work in a VERY international company and we have people from all over the world, from places were soccer is a major sport. So, we will have some “brackets” going.

Our house will be divided for a while (until the US is kicked out of their group ;-)) and then we will all be rooting for Germany.

Besides the T-shirt dresses you see in the pictures, I also started to work on a new pattern. I am hoping to have it finished in a few weeks. After I finish the name tags….

Here is a little sneak peak. It will be really cute. I promise.

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Lauranie said...

Keep on...keeping on girl!! You will be DONE soon!! :D The girls are soooo pretty...they are losing their "baby" faces!! OF COURSE everything you do is cute..why would this new pattern be any different...can't wait to see it!!

P.S. I missed SMS giveaway day too :(


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