Shirt Refashion

So, I had this favorite blouse of mine, which I wore basically once a week to work.

Until, one day I found THIS...!!!

Don't ask me how or when it happened. I have no idea. For all I know I may have been wearing it like this for a while. How embarrassing.

Anyway, I really did not want to throw it away and tried to modify it. I cut off the sleeves, ripped one of the sides by accident even more and had to widen the armholes, added bias tape to finish the armholes, removed the colar and added ruffles to the front from some leftover jersey knit.

I also cut up the useable sleeve to make a belt topped with cute ruffles made from the same pink jersey knit. It's a simple belt with two D-rings.

I absolutely LOVE the belt. It also looks really cute with Jeans.

I am not so sure about the top at all: the armholes are too wide (obviously) and I think the ruffles on either side of the buttons are too scrawny. I may try adding a couple more rows to make it appear fuller. But, I have no idea on how to fix the arm openings.

Can anybody help?

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