3 - YEARS - OLD (...okay, almost)

Well, I am jumping ahead, but I was sooo excited about sharing the outfits I made for the girls' third birthday. Which is actually not until next Monday.

As I mentioned before I was really looking forward to working with something other than PINK all the time. So, I decided to make them blue outfits. I might have gone overboard a bit, but for some reason these 1001-shades of blue still appeal to me.

Some of you may have seen the Can-Can-skirt from Dana Made. I thought it was such a great idea to to have the color-changing-effect on the ruffles. I did not buy the pattern (yeah, I am cheap like that...), but tried to figure it out myself. And the skirts fit. So, it worked out okay.

I also made the leggings by using a pair they already have as a guide to draw the pattern.
The T-shirts are Target's "Ultimate Tee" and I appliqued the number on them.

The hairclips are also handmade.

I found this awesome tutorial on PurlBee. It's super easy and quick. I think it did not take me longer than 15 minutes to make one of these. The original pattern calls for woolfelt. But, I thought the regular cheapo kind worked just as well.

Happy 3rd Birthday girls! WE LOVE YOU!


Mari said...

Absolutely LOVE it! That is some wild, overboard, crazy, gorgeous Blue! The girls look fantastic...Happy Birthday to two of the cutest models ever!

Mama Lusco said...

These are so wonderful! I, too, love the Can Can Skirt and it looks so pretty with the blues. The girls look so happy with them! Happy Birthday to them!

Carrie said...

So adorable! Love it!

Jill said...

Just came over from sewmamasew to have a look! The whole outfits and your girls are just gorgeous! You have such a wonderful attention to detail. And all those tempting little photos on the side of your blog means I'll be back to explore when I've a moment free!!
Thanks for sharing.

Lauranie said...

AWESOME JOB!! I love the blues, so pretty! They look really happy, I can see them wanting to wear these WAAAAY past their birthday!! Hope they have a sweet day!! Love the little flower clips too...so cute!! :D

Emily said...

I saw your darling outfits on Ruffles and Stuff and just wanted to say you did a fantastic job! :)


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