Annabelle is here!

...well technically she has been "here" ("here" is Switzerland) for over a month now, but I have been inexcusably late with making a little welcome gift for her.

So, first let me show you my new niece Annabelle and her pretty Mama Stephanie (my sister), and then say "Aaaaaw...".

And here is a pic of my little gift for her:

Between my sisters, my husband's sister and us we now have 7 children (5 girls, 2 boys), with one more boy coming in late fall (John's sister). My two sisters each have one child. You have to know that my sisters are twins and that I absolutely cannot wait for either of them to try for more children to see if they end up with twins, just like me.


And, so she doesn't feel left out, here a pic of my sister Katharina (also pretty) and her almost 1.5 year old son Mika.

PS: Don't forget to comment on my Apron giveaway. You have until midnight today. Well, on second thought, until whenever I get a chance to turn on my computer on Saturday in order to pick a winner...

AND!: remember, my 100th post and another giveaway are approaching quickly....

Have a great weekend.


My Big Mouth said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog!
Annabelle is sweet,I miss my kids at that age.

Want to hear something scary?
My sister just gave birth too.The scary part is it's her 8th child.
Yes,I said 8th!
Shes crazy I tell you!!

Lauranie said...

Your sisters are beautiful! And such sweet babies!! My good family friend just had twin girls!! They are so looks like mom, and the other like dad!! Gotta love that! :) Speaking of love...the banner is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Hihi das hätteste wohl gerne... und wenn es Drillinge beim nächsten Mal werden?


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