Growing up I was a big fan of the show "90210". I was watching it religiously. I could not really identify with any of their issues and problems, but I liked it nonetheless. And, seriously, who doesn't like looking at Luke Perry???!!!

Anyway, nowadays, when I calculate my shipping charges for the items in my shops I always chose the 90210 zip code as the destination code. I figure it's far enough away from Michigan, so the cost USPS gives me will for sure cover my expenses.

Now, waking up this morning I see that somebody ordered something from Kindershop. Regardless, of how big or small the order is I always get super excited when an order comes in. It's a great feeling to know somebody trusts the stuff you make is nice enough to spend money on. But, what a bigger surprise to see that the person actually has a 90210 address!
I cannot believe, that I am actually shipping things to Beverly Hills, California 9-0-2-1-0 !!! That really made my day.

Have a great one yourself.

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My Big Mouth said...

Wow, Someone from Beverly Hills,how cool is that!?


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