Here, birdie, birdie....

With buckets full of fabric scraps, I was so glad to stumble onto an easy and quick project yesterday. Thank you Nerida for linking the Bird Mobile pattern from Spool onto your blog. So far, I only made one. It took me about 30 minutes including cutting and sewing. Two things I will do different with the next one: I will embroider eyes and wont make the beak look like a hook. I think, a few more, and I will have lovely new ornaments for our Christmas Tree this year.

Ich liebe einfache und schnelle Handarbeiten. Den Vogel hatte ich in 30 Minuten fertig. Den Schnitt und Anleitung habe ich gestern zufaellig auf Nerida's Seite gefunden. Das Original ist bei Spool! Ich werde noch ein paar machen, und sie als Weihnachtsbaumschmuck verwenden. Die naechsten werden alledings Augen haben und keinen Schnabel, der wie ein Haken aussieht.


nerida said...

They look great don't they! You should check out pippijoe's post for how she shaped the beak more nicely...(and check out her fabric too - gorgeous!)

Kindershop said...

Hers are just lovely and perfect. I tried again. Still not even close to looking the way I want it. Maybe, I will handstitch the next one instead of using the machine.
Thank you for your comment :-)


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