Crochet Edge Skirt

Hello!!! I am still here.
I have been sewing quite a bit over the past weeks, but do not always feel like taking and editing the pictures.
Today, I just want to show a few pictures of a new set of skirts I made for the girls. They are made from pinwheel corduroy that I found in my stash.
The things, that are different and special about these skirts are the exposed zipper and crochet border around the bottom edge.

I purchased the zippers here. They have a ton of different colors and shipping took only about 10 days. Considering the store is located in Hong Kong, not too bad.

The edge is two rows of single crochet stitches. To get a row of loops to start with, I simply used embroidery thread and used a running stitch all the way around. I made sure to make it rather loose, so it wouldn't bunch up later. The fluffy yarn was left over from these Hello Kitty hats.

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