Ruffles everywhere skirts and ironing board cover

A few weeks ago, right around my birthday, I won a Free Spirit giveaway and received SIX (6) yards of fabric. Yes, six whole yards. They were all from the "Katharine's Wheel" line by Nel Whatmore.
I almost never get several prints from one line, so I was super happy to have received this much matching fabric!

Here is what I made from it:
New skirts for the girls with LOTS of ruffles. These two skirts used up a total of 4 yards.

The skirt has two layers.

All is topped off with a cute fabric bow. I made them a bit longer so they  will last a couple of years.

And for me: a new ironing board cover. I followed Mandy's recommendations on how to make it. I used almost one yard of fabric for the board. Mine ended up being pieces together, but you can hardly see the seam.

So, that leaves one yard left over. I have no plans for it yet, so it goes into my stash. At least for a little while.

1 comment:

ShirleyC said...

Isn't it fun to win such pretty fabric!
I won some also of a different collection, and will be using it soon.


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