Winding down after Christmas

Christmas went W.A.Y. too fast this year. It seems like I just started getting everything ready. Then Christmas Day came and went.

To wind down from all the hectic I sat down to whip up one of these zipper pouches this afternoon. It literally took me less then 45 minutes. And with some practice I think it will be even less. This one will be for myself. I just love this butterfly fabric. I had been eyeing it for about 3 months now, thinking I could make some skirts or dresses for my girls. But now I think it's just perfect for this pouch.
I will be making more tonight with some really cool brocade I just bought. A couple of Ladies will be getting them as gifts soon.

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Just me.....Shelly said...

well, now......that is just adorable!!! i love it! GOOD for you, doing something for yourself!


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