Winter has us (I think)

After still having late summer weather last week, winter is sure here now. Cold, cold, cold.

Anika, Kordula and I were making cookies yesterday afternoon. While Yanic and John were at one of his Hockey games (they won both games this weekend). Yanic had two goals yesterday. As a treat for playing so well, he is allowed to purchase one hot lunch at school this week. Usually, I pack his lunch (less junk that way...).

Also, what started as some Nikolaus-presents for the kids went out of hand.... I started making Wichtel for the three of them, but couldn't stop!!! So, hop on over to my store. There will be more coming. Five more are already pre-cut ;-)

Have a warm week, everybody.


nerida said...

Those cheeky Wichtel are very very cute - they look so much happier in a big group!

Kindershop said...

Thank you. I love making them. With all these possible color combinations it just doesn't get boring.


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