The things they won't wear

Quite often I will see an outfit somewhere and think this is super cute, I need to make something like this for my girls. And then I do. Only to learn afterwards, that NOBODY likes it and that it will, most likely, never be worn.

Here are two examples. Really pretty double-ruffle knit jersey pants:
..and super cool and hip bubble pants. 

What's not to like?????

Well, it's all about the bottom of the legs: "too big". Who knew, the girls only like tight leggings?! Uhm, I did, but was hoping they'd like these new ones afterall.

I am glad, that both sets are on the bigger side. So, I am hoping that the girls' taste will change over the next couple of months and that they may start wearing them after all. Especially, the bubble pants. I LOVE them. So, much that I will be making myself a pair from this fig colored European Linen and smoke rib knit (looks blue in the picture, but it's actually a really dark grey). These pants will become my new favorite around-the-house-comfy-pants.

Chevron Outfits

A few months back I bought several different colors of Riley Blake's Chevron fabric, never really knowing what to make from it.
Then, I was so excited when "Project Run and Play" announced that one of the challenges would involve said fabric. My plan was to wait and see what the awesome contestants would come up with and then use their ideas as my inspiration. But, alas! Inspiration struck yesterday all on it's own! I found this lonely dark grey polkadotty pillow case and figured it might go well with the grey and white chevron.

I decided to make a striped skirt with a shirred waiste. That was it, no more. But, sometimes, when you have an idea but no real plan things will turn out different than you thought.

I used 6 inch wide strips for the skirt; four of each fabric and shirred the top with seven rows. Even after seriously steaming the shirring for a LONG time, the skirt was way too wide.

So, I decided to add a belt. The belt is about 1 inch wide, has a 4 inch elastic section in the back and closes up with a button in front.

After that, the pictured model requested a shirt to go with it. Never mind that I only had 8 inches of the chevron fabric left, and none of the pillow case. After much thinking, I took a plain white shirt and added ruffles to the top of each sleeve and sewed on a little red button in front to match the bigger ones on the belt.

Love the pockets!
I think, the whole outfit came together quite nicely. Now, I am off to make the second one.
The second outfit is done, too. Along the way I added two more belt loops on the front of both skirts and also added a triangle to cover the deep V-neck on the T-shirts. They look much cuter now and tie the outfit together.

All Season Jumper Dress -update

For the longest time my "All Season Jumper Dress" post has been the most popular. I always figure people land there when searching for a free pattern.

Now, I just realized that the download link for my Jumper Dress pattern was broken. And NOBODY told me!!!!

Anyway, I have fixed it now. So, if there are still people out there looking for the pattern and tutorial, it's available for download again!


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